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Can a Smartphone be used as a Projector? (Answered)

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Android Projector

It is a projector that runs Android software to control its working system. Consider Android as a personal computer (PC) inside your projector, permitting you to run programs and interface as you would when utilize a PC.

Almost all projectors will have a type of working system permitting you to change different settings and set up the underlying association with your news source.

Android projectors work along these lines. However, they have the special reward of having the option to run different applications, basically transforming your projector into its news source.

How’s Android projector work?

An android projector works in similar manners to your smartphone. When you need to install applications like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, you connect your mobile to the Wi-Fi for accessing the internet and download the mentioned before apps.

The capacity to have the option to utilize applications through the projector implies that you don’t need to interface it to your PC or other devices to stream content.

This likewise permits you a complete opportunity with your projector and is the reason the Android OS is utilized in a great deal of the compact projectors that are at present available in the market.

Some common misconceptions:
Two fundamental confusions accompany the utilization of Android software being utilized in a projector, and we are trying to answer them here:

Can a Smartphone be used as a Projector?

If you own an Android phone yourself, it should not be on a similar variant as the projector to work with it. Most projectors will utilize more seasoned renditions of Android as they don’t should be continually refreshed, not at all like cell phones.

If you own an iPhone, it will, in any case, have the option to work with the projector, this is typically done through screen reflecting over Wi-Fi. The working frameworks not being the equivalent doesn’t have a course on the availability.

Which options can you opt for connecting your projector to your smartphone?

Here are different options you can use to connect your phone with a projector. You may use a wired or wireless connection to connect your phone with a projector.

Connect a smartphone with a project via wireless connections

To connect your phone with a projector, you may use wireless options like wireless streaming adaptors, Chromecast, etc. Some smartphones have built-in projector software.


Chromecast is a wireless software that connects your smartphone with a big screen easily. This is a small plug-in device. You can plug-in this device with any projector that may consist of an HDMI port.

You can use this device to share your phone screen. This device also has the capability of live streaming from mainstreaming applications like Spotify, Netflix, etc.

To avail of this offer, your phone must have an active internet connection. You can only use this by using the internet.


This is also a wireless device that is used to connect your phone with a projector. Through this file, you can share your phone file with a projector. You just need to connect this device with an HDMI port and install its software on your phone.

Manufacturer streaming

Nowadays, some projects come along with the built-in ability of video streaming. They may have the smart features of the wireless connection of video streaming or wireless mirror support. You also find some software for your phone to connect a projector.

Connect a smartphone to a project via wire

In some cases, maybe your phone is not able to connect with a wireless connection. You may also use a wired connection to connect your phone with a projector. There are two different ways to connect your phone with a projector through a wired medium.

  • HDMI
  • MHL


Most projectors have a built-in port of HDMI connection; through this port, a projector can connect with a smartphone, iPad, or laptop. In order to share the screen with a smartphone, a mini HDMI port makes a smooth connection between the projector and smartphone.

An HDMI cable is necessary for this connection. On the other hand, smartphones may be equipped with a USB-C; through this USB-C, these phones can be connected with a projector easily.


There are many projectors which are based on the MHL connection port. Through this port, your phone can transmit video signals. This port may also have a custom adaptor for the live video streaming through your phone.

To get the live streaming facility, you just need an MHL port instead of an HDMI port. Nevertheless, to know about which devices support MHL and which are not is a bit complex thing.

Some of the manufacturers are continuously dropping this feature from smartphones in recent years to support the functionality of USB-C

What are the benefits of using your mobile phone as a projector?

Here are some of the benefits of using your mobile as a projector, as you can use your mobile for education, business, and all other aspects of life.

Accessible in a wide assortment of models that offer a tremendous level of adaptability, projectors can be introduced.

Despite where you present them, be that as it may, you’ll need a projector screen to take advantage of them.

Typically, educational and businesses mostly utilize the projector. Let us discuss some benefits of portable projectors.

Decrease installation cost: Mounted projector screens may be prepared at whatever point you need them, yet the installation expenses of such a framework must be calculated into your dynamic.

You may also need to drill in walls that might also lead to the damage of your beautiful paintwork. So, by using the mobile projector, you can save cost and as well your walls and paintwork too.

Flexibility: How we are working in 2020 has dramatically changed due to mobile technology. Now, people can use their mobiles in starting their collaborative working sessions and presentation from anywhere.

The smartphone projection is the same as the projection of a laptop, where you can use it by switching your screen and show your latest projects.

Portability: With the usage of a portable screen projector, no need to worry about where you will find your projector again.

Have a look at the portability, which makes possible from business to business and premises to premises.