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Can You Use A Smartphone As A Remote? (All The Facts)

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Smartphones are the most trending devices nowadays. With the help of smartphones, we can make many other things smarts and useful. A smartphone is more than to receive messages and calls like outdated cell phones.

Smartphones of this generation are fast forward; they can do several things simultaneously, even if it goes beyond just Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and live video streaming. Most of the people use their smartphone as their personal computers.

They can use several PC apps (like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc.) on their smartphones. We can also find directions, online booking, and check flights by using smartphones. Even for entertainment purposes at home, you can also use the smartphone as your television remote. So can you use a smartphone as a remote? Let’s find out.

How to Control the TV with your Smartphone?

  • You’ll need a home network: For this purpose, you need a wireless network in your home. This network works as the base station, which works as a medium for both device’s television and smartphone.
  • Connect your television with your home network: In the next step, connect your television with the wireless network available in your home. This can be done by using an Ethernet cable or with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • There is a pre-installed Wi-Fi setup in the modern televisions and can easily be connected with the wireless network. Connect your TV with the Wi-Fi and follow the given steps in the menu of installation. Once you connect your television with your Wi-Fi, you can download anything from the internet.
  • Download a remote app: Now, it turns to your smartphone. On your smartphone, whether you are using Android or iOS, you need to download a television remote app. Through this remote app, you can manage your television. All televisions have a different setup; however, you can download the universal remote app. The universal remote apps can be used with any kind of television setups. Through this comprehensive app, you can manage your television from your smartphone.
  • Pair up the remote and television: Once you download the app from the internet, you can pair up your smartphone and television. You just need to follow the steps according to the remote application and the same about your TV. After this process, your phone will be connected to your TV, and you can control all TV applications through your smartphone.
  • It makes things easy for you because people are used to their smartphones, so you can also control your television during chatting, phone charging, etc. without moving a single muscle.

How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Remote Control?

Use your built-in Infrared (IR) blaster: Nowadays, smartphones are using two types of operating systems; Android and iOS. In android phones, there is an embedded infrared blaster. This blaster used the traditional old school remote technology. You just need to download a universal remote app. By using the universal remote, you can control any device that receives infrared signals.

Use an infrared adapter: Android phones have a built-in IR blaster; however, those phones which are supported by iOS don’t have built-in IR blaster. For those phones, users can buy an IR adapter, for example, Roomie Blaster. The iOS-based phones can work with Roomie to control their television through their phones.

Use an external pairing device: To Control your television through your smartphone, you can use an external pairing device. The external device is a small device that works quickly. Users can also use a multi-directional universal remote. The iOS-based users can also use their device’s Bluetooth to control the remote. Harmony Hub worked with Android and as well as worked with iOS devices too. The Harmony Hub provides three ways to connect Bluetooth, IR, or Wi-Fi.

Use manufacturer apps: Nowadays, most smartphones come with their developed apps for these apps; no IR technology needed. To do this, you just need to connect your cellphone with a Wi-Fi network and download the specific app. For every different device, you need a separate app.

The idea of Remote Controls: The earliest remote of the world was based on radio frequency gadgets which was directed by the German naval boast to bang into Allied ships during World War One (WWI). In WWI, the remote-controlled bombs were used for the very first time. However, after the end of these great warfare, researchers get a great idea about remote control technology.

Infrared Remote Controls: Most of the technology which is used in home applications, theaters, and smartphones is Infrared (IR) technology. The meaning of IR is “heat.” The main work of IR in the remote control is to maintain and control the light signals between the directed device and the remote. The IR light is an electromagnetic spectrum with an invisible portion of light.

An IR remote consists of transmitters that send pulses of IR Light, and represent in the form of binary code. These binary codes match the instructions, for example, up and down the volume or power on and off. The receiver of IR in the TV decodes the pulses into the binary code. The microprocessor of the device can understand this binary code. This microprocessor then processes the command further.

Universal Remote’s Capabilities: In smartphones, different apps on IR remotes used different command codes. The universal IR remotes are programmed according to the multiple functions. Therefore, universal remotes can deal with various devices. To use the universal remote, you should know the commands of this remote.

Convert your Smartphone into a TV Remote:


Firstly, connect your television with a wireless network/Wi-Fi.
Your smartphone also needs a Wi-Fi connection.
Your smartphone must be based on android-based applications.
Your television must support the apk files.

Initial Steps

Install any app according to your television to connect with the mobile remote. Although your smartphone already has a built-in IR remote.

Steps to Follow

Open the installed remote app on your smartphone and wait until your TV option appears on your smartphone.
Allow access to your TV on your smartphone.
Selects your remote type: e.g., touchpad mode, mouse mode, Dpad mode, etc.

After following these steps, your smartphone is connected to your TV.

TV Remote Apps

To connect your television with your smartphone, you need remote apps on your smartphone. There are three general types of remote apps:

  • Basic TV remote app
  • General streaming service app
  • App for your streaming device

These are the most common and useful apps. It depends on you how you maintain them on your devices.

Smartphones are based on two types of operating systems; Android and iOS.

For android phones, myTifi is an excellent app to control your households’ through your smartphone. This app can turn off your TV after a specific time set.

The smartphones that support iOS operating systems can use the universal remote app because these phones don’t have any IR blaster. Universal Remote TV Smart is another useful app for iOS. This app works by using wireless networks and is also compatible with all types of televisions.