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Can You Use A Smartphone Without A Sim Card? (Solved)

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Let us see how we can use our android cell phones without putting a sim card into it. Yes, your android will indeed work without placing a sim. You can even make calls, messages, play games, browsing, take pictures, make movies, etc. For some of the mentioned before functionalities, you might need a WIFI connection.

Nowadays, everyone you know claims a costly smartphone with a similarly expensive versatile assistance plan. Have you, at any point, thought of abstaining from the SIM management plan while also utilizing the smartphone in more intelligent ways?

Possibly not, the new phone but rather the old phone that you are going to dispose of? It is tied in with making your instruments serve your objectives and investigate their latent capacity.

In any case, the administration plans are nation explicit such a large number of our perusers might not have thought of utilizing a smartphone without the SIM card services. The expected advantage of using a smartphone seems that the SIM is compelling and worth investigating.

Why do we need SIM Cards?

Sim cards hold the identity of subscribers internationally and provide users with a unique identification and authentication. It also requires HLR (home location register) and stores the user’s location, which is the central database for the user’s mobile network.

Nevertheless, if your call does not require to route through the operator’s network, then there is no need for a sim card and vice versa. I.e., wifi call does not require any route passing through the network operator.

Technically, sim cards are based upon GSM (global system for mobile communication) networks. There is no need for a sim card on your cell phone if you are using the CDMA network.

Let us move further to see how can your cell phone work without putting a sim into it.

How can a cell phone work without putting a SIM card into it?

We need a wifi connection to make calls and send messages as a wifi connection can make a route for calls over the network. Although, many smart android phones require an active mobile phone number to create and validate google account.

After this verification, you can remove your sim card from the cell phone – since applications do not require it.Finally, let us have a glance at how we can use our phone without an active plan and a sim card. You can use your phone as long as you have the availability of wifi connection –

You can use your cell phone for:

  • Facebook messenger
  • Skype or zoom calling
  • Hangout
  • Whatsapp or Viber chat and call
  • Group audio and video chat
  • Listen to music (offline and online)
  • Videos and movies watching (offline and online)
  • Playing games (online or by downloading)
  • Send and receive emails
  • Browsing, etc.

Use WhatsApp (for video call, audio call, and texting)

WhatsApp can be download, install, and used without a sim card. Nevertheless, when you install WhatsApp fro the first time, it requires a phone number for verification code in order to activate your account.

After successful verification, you do not require any sim card for placing a video call, audio call, and text messages. All you need to enjoy the WhatsApp features is a wifi connection.

However, if you want to use your authenticated sim in another cell phone for messages or calls – you can use it. Since all of your friends do not use WhatsApp and possibly do not have wifi connection too.

It will be ideal if you note there are many changes accessible on the web to introduce and enact WhatsApp without a SIM, initiating the offline mode and bypassing the phone check and utilizing the landline number for confirmation.

Regardless of various endeavors, unluckily, none of the changes work. In this way, as a client, you do require a SIM card and phone number to initiate the WhatsApp administration.

Use Viber (for audio calls, and texting)

You can use this platform for free Viber to Viber messages and calls. Even in case you are using different sim – different in a sense that the number used for Viber verification is other than the used for regular calls and messages. It also allows calling a number other than the register on Viber. Nonetheless, if you are doing so – the amount for this call will be charged.

Use Skype (for messages, audio, and video calls)

If you want to use Skype without a sim card, you can use it. Again you just need a wifi connection, and that’s all. You have to install Skype on your laptop or computer and make a connection with another person. Now, you can start communication with another person smoothly.

Skype is helpful as it works on almost all mobile or fixed devices (e.g., personal computers. etc.). This truly makes it simpler for individuals on Skype, independent of whether they own a smart cell phone or not.

Use Facebook (messages, calls, audio, and video calling)

You can download and install Facebook (FB) without putting a sim into your smart cell phone. FB has multiple options for its users, i.e., calling, texting, posting, and even you can make a public or private group of people who thinks likewise. FB does not need sim card at all – so, go the FB way!

Google Services such as (Allo, Gmail, Hangout, Google Voice, Etc.)

Google’s Allo is used for sending pictures, voice calls, and text messages. Anyone can put his old phone number and receive calls through Google Voice by using a good wifi connection. Hangout uses Voice over IP (VoIP) calls with the help of a wifi connection and by removing other carrier involvements.

After all of the above discussion, you can summarize the result as “ you can use your Android smart cell phone for making and receiving calls, messages, and video sharing – without inserting a sim card into your phone.”

Till now, we have discussed the advantages of using a mobile phone without inserting a sim card into it. Now, let us discuss some disadvantages of using a cell phone without sim.

Cons of using a Smartphone without Sim Cards:

You can use as many features as possible without sim cards. However, a phone without a sim card has some disadvantages too. Without an active card, you cannot:

  • Make an emergency call
  • Send or receive emergency messages
  • Cannot send and receive GSM calls
  • Cannot leave the place of wifi (i.e., home or office, etc.)