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Do laptops have Bluetooth? (Important Facts)

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Do Laptops have Bluetooth? Some of them do. What does this mean?

One thing is for sure, you can’t use Bluetooth on your computer without a USB dongle and the Bluetooth chip. You also need a PC that has the appropriate drivers. Some computers will not recognize the Bluetooth device.

When they do, there’s usually pop up telling you that it is not working. It might be because the Bluetooth drivers aren’t installed properly or it could be because you’ve got too many Bluetooth devices plugged in.

How many laptop devices should you have connected at once? That varies from person to person, but I tend to think two would be enough. If your laptop is on battery power, that’s great. But if your laptop is running on AC power, you might want more.

Once you’ve found your laptop and all your drivers installed, you can then connect to your laptop via USB. If you’re on Windows, you’ll do this by double-clicking on your mouse and hitting “open”.

However, Linux users should open up their Linux terminal by pressing the Control key and clicking the “console” button. Whatever way you go, you’ll need to type “sudo dnserrch add-bluetooth”.

Bluetooth Drivers

This will allow your laptop to use the Bluetooth technology. The good news is, most laptops can already use Bluetooth. It’s just a matter of making sure you have the right drivers installed. If your Bluetooth driver does not work, you can get it fixed by purchasing a Bluetooth driver.

Update Drivers on Windows XP and Windows Vista 

Since Bluetooth is a new technology, you might have some problems. I have heard from people who had problems with their Bluetooth devices on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Some drivers were outdated. But, most drivers were up to date and worked perfectly fine. 

How to pair a Bluetooth device to a Windows XP computer.

  1. Check to see if your computer is compatible with Bluetooth and supports your new device.
  2. Get your Bluetooth device into pairing mode and make it discoverable.
  3. Now on your computer, you will need to select Start and then select Settings and select Control Panel.
  4. Select the Bluetooth Devices icon.
  5. Now you will want to open your Bluetooth settings and select Add. The Bluetooth wizard will open up.
  6. Select “My device is set up and ready to be found”, and select Next. Your computer will now perform a search and look for your device. once it finds your device an icon will appear.
  7. Select your device and select Next
  8. If asked for a passkey, just enter “0000” and select next to proceed.
  9. Your device should now be in your Bluetooth devices list.
  10. Sometimes you will have to right-click on the Bluetooth device icon to make it Connect.
  11. If it’s connected and still not working, you can try to restart your computer.

Turn on Bluetooth Devices

Another thing to remember is that it’s possible that Bluetooth devices are not turned on or detected by your system. Sometimes, you will have to restart your system before it will recognize your device. This may be the case if the Bluetooth drivers do not contain the necessary features to work correctly with your system.

Keep Laptops Charging while in use

Laptops will always have to be charged while in use. Most of them have an AC adapter already, but some will need an external charger. In most cases, the adapter itself is a USB dongle.

Make sure Bluetooth Devices are in Range 

Bluetooth devices have to be connected in order to be detected and used. You should have your Bluetooth device within range before you use it. If it isn’t, you can simply put the device on a table or other surface near your computer to help to get a better signal.

A few problems with Bluetooth are that you can lose the connection. Or become disconnected. This is usually due to interference. If you can see any kind of static coming out of the Bluetooth port, you should make sure that it is working properly.

Common Problems

If you have trouble connecting to your laptop, you can try unplugging the Bluetooth device and reconnecting it. And then plugging it back in. You may need to do this several times. If this doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to reboot your computer.

Check your Bluetooth Settings

You can also check the Bluetooth settings on your system by running a search for your model of laptop and driver. Most likely, you will be able to find the information you need at one of the manufacturer’s sites.


You can also use third-party programs to help with troubleshooting your Bluetooth. There are a number of these available as well. Be sure to do a quick internet search to find the ones that work best with your system.