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How Long Does An Android Phone Battery Last – Answered

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The battery life of an android cell phone depends upon various factors. So, nobody can give a straightforward answer to this question. Nevertheless, after 500 times cycle charges, the battery of an android phone loses up to 80% of its capacity. The same cell phone’s battery is no more usable after completing 2500 charging cycles.

How Long Does an Android Phone Battery Last?

An estimation of the cell phone’s battery life is as follows:

  • It remains for eight months if you charge it twice a day.
  • It remains for sixteen months if you charge it once a day.
  • It remains for thirty-two months if you charge it once in two days.
  • It remains for sixty-four months if you charge it once in four days.

Off course, these are just numbers and estimations and cannot be taken as it is. It is like an estimation of how long can you drive your bike, and the answer will be “it depends upon various factors”.

As we mention that battery life depends upon numerous factors; let us talk about some of them.

Different Types of Batteries:

Generally, we can find two types of batteries in a cell phone: 1) Lithium Polymer, or 2) Lithium-ion. These batteries differ from each other in terms of size, weight and chemical composition.

  1. Lithium polymer (Li-poly) batteries:

These are the most advanced type of batteries. Li-polybatteries have several advantages over other batteries as, these have no memory effect, lightweight, and do not heat up like old fashioned batteries.

Moreover, Li-ploy batteries do not require any protective circuit. This is the reason that these batteries are manufactures in small and compact sizes, and this enhances and enables its portability.

Nevertheless, Lithium-ion batteries are being used in more Android phones. So, let us discuss Lithium-ion batteries.

  1. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries:

Li-ion batteries are the most used and bit older technology. This is the most common type of battery having high energy density; however, these batteries are relatively expensive. It has low self-discharge along with deficient maintenance.

With regards to compound piece, Li-ion and Li-poly are the equivalents. Be that as it may, the distinction lies in their capacity to keep cool. A lithium-ion battery includes an active protective circuit, which will shield your telephone from overheating. Without this thing, your phone would blast into flares.

To truly limit battery perversion, a top-up for each 10% drop in battery level. Also, keep your battery level near the centre (about 50%) as could reasonably be expected. In any case, these are just for expanding battery wellbeing. There is a lot of space for tweaking to include more comfort in with the general mish-mash.

Here, we come with the pro tips for maximizing your battery lifespan.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Battery Lifespan

Unfortunately, there exists not a single battery that lives forever. In any case, there are a few methods and tricks that you may use to expand its lifespan.

  • Try not to let your battery totally dead: Several people completely charge and discharge their cell phone’s battery, believing that it will enable the battery to last more. Nevertheless, the lower the battery goes, the more current it draws out – making the decline in battery life. This is the reason that you should not hesitate to recharge the battery when it’s about 40%.
  • Remove the charger when the battery is full: Some of us leave the cell phone even when the battery is already full. This thing stresses the battery and causes in the drop of its lifespan.
  • Please do not use your cell phone during its charging: Playing games and watching videos while your phone is charging may mutilate the cycle. Accordingly, to secure your phone’s battery life, you should not be utilizing your phone while it’s charging.
  • Turn off vibration notifications and typing sounds: These things expend battery time if you don’t have personals to do with these things and don’t have a specific use for them, keep these features turn off.
  • Dark themes consume less battery: Bright themes consume more battery as compare to the dark ones. The more dark screen of your android phone is, the less battery it drains. With the installation of a dark theme on your android phone will significantly lessen the power requirement on your battery.
  • Avoid installing and using power bursting applications: Some applications devour significantly more battery than others. Depending upon your android phone, you may get notified at whatever point an application is bursting the power. It is advisable to remove these applications or to utilize them as less as could reasonably be possible.
  • Turn off hotspots, wifi, location and Bluetooth when you’re not using: These features drain your android’s battery. If you are not using any one of them, you should keep them turn off.
  • Try to avoid exposing to temperature extremes: Shallow and very high temperatures can also damage your android’s battery. The best solution for this thing is that, keep your mobile close to the room temperature (20 to 22C) – if possible.

How can you check your android phone’s battery capacity?

A simple and straightforward answer is to install some applications, which indicate the other high power consuming applications. Some of these battery’s status telling apps, provide all kind of statistics including actual capacity in mAh.

What is the best time to replace your android phone’s battery?

You can easily notice when your battery starts taking its last breaths. First of all, your mobile’s battery draining becomes very fast. Meanwhile, your android cell will have no longer the capacity to stay charged for as long as it before. This thing happens due to the reason that the battery is not taking the same amount of power as before.

Whether power banks can harm your android phone’s battery?

We know that power bank is always a necessary part of travelling, hiking and tourism perspective. With power banks, we charge our mobile by using them and on the go. But remember, if a power bank is not compatible with your phone – please do not use it. Make sure whether this power bank supplies the same amount of voltage as your cell phone’s battery requires.