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How To Connect Phone Keyboard To Laptop? (Answered)

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While you can do a lot of advanced things with your smartphone that were once only done on a computer. Having a laptop is another necessary and critical for many tasks. Often times, these two technological devices work incredibly well together.

How To Connect Phone Keyboard To Laptop

If we discuss about productive ways in which you can smartly use your Windows 10 PC and phone, then we must outline the methods and applications that can be connected with your computer and make your life easier.

Touch typing can be fun. It offers unlimited options as compared to typing on a tangible keyboard. Have you ever come up with the idea of connecting your android device as a keyboard with your laptop? If Yes then, you can connect your Android device as a full-size keyboard with your PC or laptop.

The following are the ways to do just that. Let’s dive right into it.
This can be possibly done through any smartphone app and PC app combo. That app on your phone will connect to the server app on your computer, allowing it to send keyboard type input.

Advantages of Using a Smartphone as a Keyboard

The event of turning a mobile phone or tablet into a user-friendly remote for controlling your computer can serve numerous advantages. It simulates the purpose of a wireless keyboard. It also offers a variety of specialty control panels, which helps you perform specific tasks promptly.

There are multiple applications available that make it possible. With those apps installed and your mobile device and computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the mobile app will see your computer; you can use your phone as a keyboard.

By connecting your smartphone to your computer, you can enjoy touch keypad and perform multiple operations, including control music and video playback, including volume adjustment, type quick notes, or input a password.

It’s also handy when making presentations, writing descriptions, or if you want to mirror your screens. Turning your phone into a keyboard is also convenient if your laptop’s keypad is broken or become nonfunctional.

Install the App on Your PC and Smart Phones

First, you’ll be required to install the Remote server software for Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can find this software easily on Google play. Firstly, download it and go through the installation process. On Windows, also install all input drivers that are required to control your computer. The following are the few applications that can be useful.

USB Keyboard

USB Keyboard turns your device into a wireless USB keyboard and Mouse. It is a free application that is not requiring any driver on your computer. This app will work only if you configure your computer with a server-client.

So, unlike most of the other similar applications, the USB keyboard will work inside boot loader, with any operating system, and with any hardware that has a functional USB socket available. On your smartphone, the app will have to add a keyboard and other mouse operations to the USB port. Unfortunately, this process cannot be completed by the app itself unless you first set up a few further things.

In this regard, you will have to use a rooted smartphone, and you will need to connect a dedicated custom kernel within the Android core device that enables your handset. This operation can be completed if you are running any custom recovery image is running on your device.

Therefore, if you intend to use the USB keyboard tool, you have to root your smartphone and install TWRP recovery. Then, download the custom kernel from the internet that must be coherent with your handset. Lastly, run a USB keyboard and connect your android device with your computer via USB cable in order to control your computer through your handset.

Remote Mouse

Although, the app is called Remote Mouse, but you can use it to control your Windows computer through a specialized Android keyboard. Additionally, you can use a fully dedicated touchpad that can be used to perform multiple operations.

This app presents some useful remote specifications that will help you to use your computer by removing a mouse and keyboard while using your Android smartphone. Remote Mouse is more continent to Mac users because it offers the same feel to a MacBook’s multi-touch trackpad. Additionally, the app offers different panels that let you operate specific parts of your Mac.

The app ranks on a good number, received positive reviews on Google Play, and currently has a nice 4.1 rating status, which is amazing particularly in scenarios when we are talking about a third-party app that is not launched by Intel or by Google.

Using Remote Mouse is almost identical to what we already explained in the above section. All you need to do is to install the app on your Android device, and on your PC, you will have to download the Remote Mouse server.

After the application is configured on both devices, you can initiate the pairing process. Apart from using this app for a virtual keyboard, you will also be able to shut down and restart and log off functions. This application is free of cost.

Intel Remote Keyboard

A dedicated keyboard software developed by Intel and available for Pc launched after Windows 8.1. The application will allow you to control your computer through your Android Device.

Intel Remote Keyboard is a free-distributed software. The app works by pairing the Android-based smartphone with the Windows PC, by means of a wireless connection, by enabling you to use your handset as a virtual keypad.

Once you are done installing and configuring the software on your Android device, you will be able to utilize the keyboard app for operating your Windows 10 PC. Therefore, you can control your PC from a distant range as long as your wireless network allows it.

Firstly, you need to install the Intel Host app on your PC – you can download the latest version of this application from the internet. Then, follow on-screen instructions and install the application on your computer.

After that, switch to Google Play and download the Intel® Remote Keyboard app on your android device. Make sure the app is enabled on your PC. Lastly, run the tool and pair your Android smartphone with your PC – these are all the steps that you are required to perform.

Mouse & Keyboard Remote

However, this keyboard application does not have so many features like the rest of the applications. This application also has positive reviews but display ads within the app functionality if you go for a free version.

Its standard version is free, but the premium version offers additional specialized remote functions. By using this software, you will also be able to control the Mouse through a touch keypad and type the text with the Android smart keyboard.

Other additional remote features are not available on this app, and you will actually get only basic and simple functionality. All you need to do is to install the appropriate version of the remote mouse and keyboard on your Windows or Mac.

The app has well a ranking score on Google Play – but the reviews are saying that the keyboard sometimes causes crashes and is not always working properly, so some resets might be needed from time to time; the virtual touchpad works like a charm though.

You can download Mouse & Keyboard Remote easily from google play– the server app that you need for your Windows 10 PC is also available on the app’s certified Google Play page.

Mouse Mote Air Remote Full

Mouse Mote Air Remote Full is similar to all the above-reviewed applications in terms of basic functionality and built-in features. However, this is a premium application, so you will not experience see any ads while using the virtual keypad or touchpad or while trying to operate your Windows 10 computer through your Android device.

Its “Basic Input” function works well, and also allows you to use your phone’s screen as a trackpad to control the mouse cursor.

The application incorporates gesture controls, can be connected to PC through Bluetooth or Wireless signals, also offers a Web browser mode and comes with PowerPoint mode and integrated media player operators.

As already said, this is a premium application, and it is priced at $2.31. You can download and install the tool along with the server app easily from the internet.


If you are intended to use your Android smartphone device as a PC keyboard, you can download and install one of the apps that were reviewed above. There is a wide range of other applications you can use for the same purpose, but they are not necessarily as full-featured these cross-platform.

You can also connect more than one device to these servers. Other people in your house or workplace, so make sure you are in a trusted environment. All they are required is to install the application on whatever version of android they are using, and they will gain the ability to control your PC, as long as they are connected with the same network.