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How To Know If Your Phone Is Hacked? (Important Info!)

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Nowadays, smartphones become an essential part of our lives. They help you in many ways to facilitate yourself. There are many applications in smartphones that manage your activities like your social accounts, bank accounts, etc.

Therefore, the security of your phone is essential. With all your personal information, it is necessary to know the state of your phone. In that case, if your phone is hacked, it will be dangerous.

Therefore, there are some general symptoms to check that your phone is hacked or not. If your phone shows the following signs, then it may be hacked by someone.

Your phone drains the battery without any reason. It may slow down or heat up without any use.

There are many reasons if your phone slows down or heats up or takes more energy. However, if you are not using any intensive, resource-consuming app or your phone is not carrying out any operating system update, then there is another problem with your phone.

It shows that there is some malware working in the background, which is not in your notice. Hackers may use your phone data or use your phone charging for the mining of cryptocurrencies because mining is an energy-consuming process.

Therefore, you should check which apps are currently in your use in your phone, how much battery and memory they are consumed. You should check your phone’s free space accordingly.

If you are unable to find any valid reason, it means hackers infected your phone severely, and your personal information is also not secure.

Your contacts receive messages you never sent

When hackers hack your phone, they can access all your social accounts, which are running on your phone and your phone contacts. They use your name and account to send messages to others with an infected link. These messages are spread without your notice.

When hackers send a message with an attached link, they use your name and account information. That link may infect the receiver’s account too. If someone from your contacts complains about it, you should check that and change all the passwords of your social accounts.

If your phone’s data usage increases without using it or there is a high fluctuation in your phone bill

If the data usage of your cellphone increased instantly or without any use. It could mean that your phone is hacked and hackers use your phone for the mining process of cryptocurrencies or steal your data from your phone.

It also means that a hacker keeps taps on you and spies on your daily activities. You should keep a check on your phone data. That, how many apps are running on your phone, and how much data is used by these apps.

On the other hand, may your phone bill have increased more than usual? Then you should check how many phone calls you make, how much phone data you are using, check all the records of that month and be aware that your phone may be hacked and hackers are using your phone balance.

There is another way to check that, when you make a call, there might create some noise; it indicates a weak reception. It may be because someone traps your phone call, and they may be able to hear all your talks.

You might have noticed new data files on your phone, and you are sure that you are not added these files on your phone. It means hackers are trying to add infected files on your phone.

If your phone gets pop ups or maybe you find a new app or antivirus software that you may not installed

If you find a new app or antivirus software on your phone that you have not installed. It means that it is spyware installed by any hacker for access to your data.

On the other hand, if any antivirus is deleted from your phone, it means it may affect your phone after some time because malware is mostly uninstalled antivirus software from your phone.

Your phone settings change mysteriously

If the settings of your phone are modified manually, it means a hacker accesses your phone physically. If you noticed that the Bluetooth of your phone is on even if you are not using it, which means it is a sign of transmitting data from your phone without your permission. It could also assign or use malware to infect other devices.

Your phone behaves strangely, reboots without any reason or may not be powered off according to you

Your phone might not be working in the way that you want to. May the apps and data files crashed automatically. It is a sign of danger if your phone starts restarting without any warning or doesn’t power off according to the schedule.

May your phone begin to make phone calls to others without your action or open different apps. It may also cause software errors. It is a definite sign that your phone is controlled remotely by a hacker.

This hacker may have access to all your data of phone and social apps that are installed on that phone.

Purchases that you did not make show up on your credit card

If you find the unnecessary items in your credit card bill that you didn’t purchase, your credit connected to your phone is also hacked. It may look like a form of credit card fraud.

However, hackers find all the information on your credit card from your phone. You must check your bank and block all your transactions from your credit card.

How to know if your phone camera is hacked?

If you find some mysterious photos and videos in your phone’s gallery and do not remember when you took these photos, it means your phone’s camera is controlled by someone else.

It might be possible you took these photos accidentally; however, you experienced it multiple times. It shows that a hacker controls your phone camera remotely. The flashlight of your phone lights up automatically, even if you are not using it.

The torch and camera of any phone used high power consumption. Then the battery of your phone gets hot without your use. It means a hacker remotely controls the camera of your phone.