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How To Make The Most Of Your Android Phone (Must-Read)

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Okay, you learn how to use your phone to get you to the restaurant that you are meeting your blind date sure you can navigate your phone to find out when the last bus home is before making the quick dash from the pub to the station only to see you have missed it. So today we will discuss how to make the Most of your Android Phone.

Besides these tiny wonders, then there are several hidden features that you are probably not aware of which can make full use of your phone’s capabilities and sometimes improve your expertise with your cell phone.

There is more to your smartphone than you might think under its user-friendly, easy interface, there are all sorts of hidden features and shortcuts you can take advantage of doing more with your handset of choice.

Okay, maybe your friends will not be that impressed unless making your phone disappears into thin air. However, all of these are handy little tips to raise an eyebrow or two along the way, and perhaps you can use to get more from your cellphone.

The Android versus iPhone debate continues to thunder on. Nevertheless, one thing is sure: Google’s phone software is much more versatile and customizable than the offering of Apple. Dig into the settings and tweaks, and you will find a range of tools and features.

Android has become the most popular computing platform quickly in the world, due in large part to its strong open-source character. Users have grown to appreciate Android for the plenty of features and customization options, but occasionally it can get a bit confusing.

Google is bringing new modification and coming up with new features for Android, and OEMs like Samsung and LG can add their things.

It is cool right. Yea then lets dive in to further tips and tricks we can do to take our smartphone experience to the next level:
Lock Your Device With Passcode: Without this layer of safety, in consequence, anyone who takes your phone can enter your apps and the personal data stored within. Use a passcode that only you know, and hit it before you use your mobile phone. For those devices, which let it, you can even set up a “Touch ID” that opens the phone in response to your fingerprint or put a “face ID” that opens a phone once the front-facing camera recognizes you.

Make Your Battery Last Longer: we have all been there, standing in the rain hoping to call your partner to ask to be gathered and brought back into the warmth of your home, only for the battery to give up on you. Therefore, you need to know which app is draining your battery.

You might have all of your favourite apps downloaded and ready to use whenever you needed, but if laying asleep, these apps may well be draining your battery if you did not correctly turn them off. A lot of us do not close apps properly. However, a top trick is a simple one; shut every app after you are done with that.

You may think that your applications and smartphone programs aren’t draining your battery life, but on iOS 8 and over, there’s a simple tool in your settings that will reveal to you precisely what application are taking your precious battery. After that, you will determine the heavy hitters; you will have to shut certain apps to keep moving forward by getting access to this data on your smartphones.

To undermine which app is consuming how much amount of your smartphone battery, follow the given steps for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Navigate to the Settings > General > Usage > Battery – For iPhone Users
Navigate to the settings > Battery – For Android users. There you will be getting a list of both iPhone and Android apps draining the percentage of your smartphone battery. In most of the cases, these battery-draining apps can cause your smartphone to get slow and reduce its performance.

Identify Songs in An Instant: Maybe you are using Shazam and Sound hound to track what song you are listening to. Now you do not need to do that. As now, Siri and Cortana can respond to your voice command by vocalizing “Siri/Cortana “What Song is this”?

Getting Instant Weather Updates, on you Home Screen: Get instant weather updates now on your home screen by using IFTTT both on your IOS and on Android. The weather will be updated on your screen by letting you know either weather is good or bad air humidity UV intensity, and all about today’s temperature.

Turn on Wi-Fi using Voice Commands: It may be surprising for you that you can enable your smartphone Wi-Fi using Siri or Google. Just utter, “turn on Wi-Fi” and it will bring desired results to you. It also works with Bluetooth as well.

Bring Back Lost Notifications: It may occur when you randomly swiped away one of the notifications which you wanted to read, and you have a nagging sense that someone emailed you, but are not sure. If you’re going to review your recent notifications all on Android, you are in luck.

This function is possible though the option is not simple to find. Tap and hold on an empty place of your home screen, and a mode will pop up. Move this icon on one of your home displays to distance and drop it, and a list will pop up. Choose Notification logs in the list and tap the icon to start Android’s notification history.

Choose Do Not Disturb Settings: Android’s notification settings are a bit confusing. Not only is the terminology often changed by OEMs, but also Google itself has revamped it a couple of times in recent updates.

After hitting the toggle, you can find the settings for DND in your volume popup, or you may find this feature by going in system settings for notifications. It will be called, Don’t Disturb on most of the devices you use.

You can select when DND has toggled on automatically, what is blocked, and when any contacts are permitted to ring through. On Pie devices, Don’t Disturb defaults to hiding your alarms too. Make sure to change that Setting if you still wish to find out what is happening in the notification shade.

Snap Photos with a Hardware button: It is pretty evident that you cannot beat the importance of real physical button while taking snapshots. So did you also think the only way to have a picture is by tapping on the button on the screen? Nope. A trick lets you snap by using your volume control buttons on both sides of your mobile phone.

To take a perfect and clear snapshot, all you need is to click volume buttons while taking shots. No more will you need to try to navigate to the screen button at the same moment and to keep a steady hand. You might use this procedure of hitting the volume button on a pair of headphones that are connected.

This method works for both iPhones and Androids as this feature is available IOS and Android, making it easy for you to take a perfect shot at a perfect moment.

Customize your home screen setting: Your phone will come to you with a massive variety of shortcuts and widgets spread across several pages. If you delete them using a very long press, or you do not need them to drag them to the trash can mostly appear at the top or the bottom of your smartphone screen. You may also usually delete the pages they are lying on.

Different versions of Android and manufacturers have slightly different approaches to home page customization. Often a very long press on the background wallpaper or a pinch onto the background will get you started with the process of home screen customization, but it differs from device to device. Then try to use Android Wallpapers apps if you are struggling for wallpaper suggestions, or browse our gallery of wallpapers you could use.

Turn off preview message from appearing on your home screen: Do you leave your smartphone lying around for most of the time and you may be getting some private message you would instead do not like other to read your messages? There is a simple tricky solution for that to prevent and turn off the preview message from appearing them on your home screen. To do so go to the Setting > Notifications > Message > Show Preview and turn it off over here to avoid future message preview on your smartphone.

Choose your new default apps:

Moreover, there are some other useful smartphone hacks that you should have to consider them to enhance your smartphone user experience.

Backup your Data to Cloud: One of the biggest security problems you may face being a smartphone user is of losing data. Luckily, we got a solution for that, to save your data and to get a peace of mind you need to keep an ongoing backup for your smartphone. It is crucial if you ever lost your phone or it may be stolen, and you have backup accounts from where you can get access to acquire your data again.

Select Your Default App: One of the big difference between IOS and Android is that Android offers you Google operating system that lets you select default apps for web browsing viewing photographs, and so on.

A default Google program is an app that opens when you try to do something on your own smartphone so once you have clicked on a hyperlink, for instance, that connection wills open. Please make the most out of this flexibility by setting up the defaults, as you want them.

Go to then your Apps > Settings, then tap > cog icon in the top right corner. Choose any of the categories on display to see a list of installed applications that may use your allowed default permissions over other apps. If you would prefer to chat with friends via Facebook Messenger, rather than your phone SMS app, you can make the Facebook your default messaging program.

Enable remote wiping on your phone: In case if your phone is lost or stolen. Ensure your peace of mind about the security of your personal data as you can wipe it out remotely without getting worried about your data lost as you can have its ongoing backup we mentioned above.

Save Offline Mapp’s: Google Maps comprises a support, and the feature was expanded to be more durable. However, it is not easy to find. Locate the place that you would like to conserve offline, and then tap near the top of the display in the search bar. Close the keyboard and scroll to the bottom, and you will see the option. The program will bring an outline to indicate the region that will be downloaded and weigh how much space it will consume. The data will include essential points of interest roads, and the ability to use navigation.

Smartphones come in a wide range of option and choices as technology is being improved every day, so you should also need to understand how does this works? Your Android smartphone & iPhone are capable of a wide variety of stuff, but chances are there are many things you had no idea your powerful pocket PC can do and how much power it is & how it can help you to lessen your burden.

With all this extra understanding of exactly what your phone can do to you, do you really feel as a Smartphone God? We wish you did. However, please do not stop here with this ability and knowledge; do share what you have learnt here to let your friends and family utilize their smartphones entirely.

The wide range of smartphone works precisely the same as others did but because of various manufacturer and designer, some smartphones may have slighter difference but can perform all kind of the task as other smartphones can do.