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How To Stop My iPhone From Listening To Me? Must-Read!

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Our cellphone being able to respond to voice commands is such a great feature: you can ask without getting flour in your screen, or you can alter your destination.

Besides this great facility and feature, surprisingly they did spy on you and listen to you all the time, preventing them from doing so is frustratingly complicated, and phones have to be listening to you always.

There are configurations in numerous places while installing any other application, although they seem like they should do the same thing they did not.

This article will explain to you the gaps between all the possibilities and the menus you will need to navigate to change these configurations and necessary setting, and the drawbacks of disabling Okay Google run command method.

No one wants to be neurotic or paranoid, but we are living in a surveillance society. Not just security cameras on every street corner tracking or each & every move but stuff like apps, which have access to your smartphones’ microphone recording whatever they listen to, privacy be damned.

What you say could be listed through the onboard microphone of your device, after you use your default settings. Your voice information routinely collects, store it at a remote host, and use it for advertising purposes.

This kind of advertisement that was targeted is gradually becoming common knowledge, although this fact was kept silent for a long time.

Stick to this article, and we will drive you through how to stop your phone from listening to you from all kind of devices and smartphone.

Sound Interesting? Yea, keep going then.

Stop your iPhone from Spying on you

If you feel uncomfortable with ads, there are some techniques to get rid of them. Nevertheless, you may lose access to some of the features like wake words and voice assistant, and that means you are going to choose whether these smart features are worth sacrificing your privacy.

The most extensive vulnerability arises in the “always-on” characteristic of the majority of voice assistance. To select wake up keywords such as “Hey Siri,” the mic needs to stay on continually, which means your phone is constantly listening to you. The ideal place to start taking your privacy back is by turning off the “always-on” mic features on your handset.

Apple does collect customer’s data to provide its users with better product and services, but apples did not collect customer’s data just not nearly as much Facebook or Google do.

You might hear people claiming that your iPhone is listening to you; however, apple engineers said that “Hey Siri” is the only keywords Siri or your iPhone can respond effectively but if you still feel any kind of insecurity, you can disable this option to stops iPhone to listen to you anything.

Keep in mind that deactivating this feature stops you to use Siri hands-free.

Then you will need to activate it by hitting the Side button on the iPhone X to physically activate the Siri.

Okay, So you still want to deactivate it? Sure, here we go keep following the given steps.

  • Go to the setting app
  • Tap Siri & Search
  • Then Next to “Listen for” toggle the switch to off

By following this method, you can disable your Hey Siri, which means your iPhone cannot listen to you anymore. But this does not mean that you are completely secured now.

IOS makes an app that requests explicitly to get access or permission to your camera, microphone, and kind of log to get access to your complete smartphone. Luckily, we have some few more steps to make sure your security and here they are.

  • Go the setting app
  • Tab privacy
  • Tap Over Microphone

You will be getting a complete list of all of your smartphone apps that you have granted access to your microphone.

Switch off next to any of the application you to cancel the permission to your microphone.

Apple has come under fire for copying audio recordings of iPhone Siri users. All of your information is locally stored on your device and is uploaded once Siri is activated, so disabling this feature will at least make your Siri inputs shorter and more specific to your requests.

To turn off “Hey Siri,” navigate to your iOS device’s Settings, followed by Siri & Search. Then, toggle Listen for ‘Hey Siri to off.

Disable “Okay Google” to stop your Android Smartphone form listening to you.

Just like as Siri, Google also listens to you. There are 2 main methods of disabling Okay Google command on your device. The first option may be the more obvious you cannot stop your smartphone from listening for the commands, but it only stops it from responding to them.

However, the other option does blocks fully and stops to listening to you, but it also affects the functioning of your device and other apps you might want to have them just like as WhatsApp. Neither which option is best suitable for you according to your needs you will have to decide

The First Option of disabling the Google Assistant and Voice Match

There are the steps you can take that look like they should make Google stop listening to you, but that isn’t the situation.

In the Google app’s settings, you will find options to turn away Voice Match a feature that lets your cellphone react to “Okay Google” controls even when the screen is off, and here you need to disable this Google Assistant entirely.

On the next screen, below Google Assistant, you need to hit on Settings again. Down the display, several ways, under Devices, tap the microphone.

You will see the option to turn off accessibility with Voice Match that is the feature which always listening to “Okay Google.” Voice commands work with so turn off the Voice Match, but just in the home screen of your device.

If you want to go a step farther, you can disable the Google Assistant completely, but this will also affect its performance by other means. If either of those toggles were on earlier, though, your phone reacts to “Okay Google” the first couple of times you say after turning them off by asking if you would like to switch either Google Assistant or Voice Match onward.

Without being motivated to, it is still listening to you. Making matters, these very same settings can be accessed from the preferences menu and the Google Home app of the phone.

They are toggled by toggling them from any of those locations in all them. This method may be fine for you if you are just tired of your phone when you attempt to request your Google Home a query light up. However, it is probably not enough if your concern is more privacy-focused.

The Nuclear Option: Deny Google microphone permissions completely.

There is only one way to get rid of tracking the microphone activities from your google phone: deny the app’s mic permission. Fire up the program of your preference from the property in the corner of the settings panel that is quick or the Settings icon on your application drawer.

Settings menus vary between manufacturers and developers, but they generally look similar; those directions apply specifically to Google Pixel devices.

From that point, tap Apps & notifications, then pick Google it will most likely be near the top of the listing; however, if it is not, you can search for it with the magnifying glass in the corner. Here rises a question that should you need to give up on “basic features of your device” to stop it from listening to you constantly.

Moreover, you can review and delete the audio recordings Google has of you or anything else you have ever done on a Google webpage go, and you check it out in “My Activities”.

Nevertheless, it is frustrating that our options as customers boil down with no middle ground, to our devices listening if they please or never listening even if we want them to. It holds to reason, though, that should we sacrifice some privacy for convenience, we also have to sacrifice some convenience for our self-privacy. As privacy is one of the most important humans, need, and it cannot be compromised.

However turning these features off may affect the functioning some of the apps like Facebook while going live or WhatsApp but we believe that you concern your privacy, and that is why you are here, compromising on some of the features is better than sacrificing your privacy over a little comfort of IOS or Android or Google features.

It surely speaks something about the hidden dark side of the technology that as time continues, many of us are likely to believe the worst of what is alleged about our devices.

That we are being used, spied on us, manipulating our data and information, listened to, viewing and looking inside of our smartphone, and taken edge of in the service of selling ads even when the proof is given to the contrary.