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Top 5 Smartphones for 4K Video Recording 2021 (Tested)

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With the increasing popularity of smartphone photography and recordings, the market’s best brands need to ensure this feature should be covered for their latest and costly models.

You can even purchase a smartphone that permits you to shoot “raw” pictures, and afterward, you have to process the images.

Overall, what are the best 4K camera smartphones in the market? Which one would it be best for you to pick? In this article, we will get the six best 4K camera smartphones that will blow your mind.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Regarding photography, Sony is one of the branded names in the industry. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with a front camera of 13MP and a back camera of 19MP.

Perhaps the best thing about their camera is that it allows you to capture photos like a genuine camera. 

Generally, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium camera is very simple to use, and it offers decent features. Notwithstanding, what we notice is that there are a few things that do not bode well.

One of them is the way it incorporates the 4K innovation, and this is a top component that simply the best smartphone has, the 4K is a mode simply like the AR. 

Their camera has an astonishing element that we adore: it can record slow-mo video at just 980 frames/second. With this sort of camera, you can even record a documentary.

Indeed, you can go for it for its brand value, authentication, features and camera quality.

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Huawei P10

Perhaps the best association Huawei did over the most recent years was with Leica. What’s more, presently, you can enjoy their stunning cameras.

The Huawei P10 comes with one front camera with 8MP and two back cameras: one with 12MP and 20MP.

Much the same as it previously had with the past Huawei models, you can use the 20MP one to take a green screen or black and white photos.

Nevertheless, when you use both back cameras, your photographs will have better clarity and quality.

Even though the Huawei P10 comes with the component that permits you to shoot 4K recordings, the truth is that it does not offer any adjustment when you are recording a 4K video. 

The other drawbacks are if you use Windows, you will not have the option to open them by using Windows 10 Photos application, VLC, and you will not have the opportunity to transfer it to YouTube.

Something else that we notice is that the Huawei P10 camera does not manage low light. 

Although you will have a fabulous time playing with the Huawei P10 camera’s various features, honestly, there are better smartphone cameras in the market nowadays. This can be the best choice for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has been an innovator in the world of smartphones. However, we were not generally anticipating anything like this. The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a front camera with 8MP and a back camera with 12MP.

The only problem we find is the menu itself because you will observe the main menu on the screen; it comes with many features you can use.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera works very well on the outside. The photographs are sharp and show many subtleties and colours.

Furthermore, one of the principal reasons why they make this significant progress is because their camera is using the HDR as default.

Additionally, since they incorporate the intelligent sensor, this guarantees your photographs will be incredible although you shake or the light is somewhat low.

If you are serious about shooting 4K recordings, you have to realize that the sound quality is not the best in the market and that you may have a couple of issues with the stabilizer systems.

Notwithstanding, the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, despite everything, is truly outstanding in the market. So it would be best if you bought it now.

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Google Pixel XL

While the Google Pixel XL has been for one year, it keeps on having probably the best camera available. The Google Pixel XL incorporates a front camera with 8MP and a back camera with 12.3MP.

Even though you may locate some excessive sharpness on a portion of your photographs, many people like this too.

Something that permits the Google Pixel XL to stay as truly outstanding available until today is the way that the smartphone includes the Snapdragon 821.

Also, since it is so awesome, the Google Pixel XL can run HDR+. 

If there is something we love about the Google Pixel XL camera is the capacity it needs to join many “raw” pictures and produce a top-notch JPG with no ghosting.

In the 4K recordings, you can check with some quite smooth and pleasant recordings even though it does exclude optical adjustment. 

The thing that matters is that Google decided to use gyro-based stabilization. The Google Pixel XL camera also works really well with low light photographs and selfies.

This is an excellent smartphone for 4K recording. You should go for it.

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LG G6 4K Phone

LG G6 phone comes with a 5MP front camera and two back cameras with 13MP.

Yes!! You can take high-quality photographs with much detailed pixels and blurriness. In addition, you can shoot 4K recordings with this one. 

Perhaps the best thing about the LG G6 is the water-resistance quality. The exciting thing is when you walk; you can take some photographs or shoot recordings in the rain.

In general, the camera of the LG G6 is not exactly great. Although you can take stunning photographs in splendid light and self-adjust is quite exact and fast, you will not have any depth.

When you choose to use the more targeted focus, you hope to see an expression. Nevertheless, what we truly do not care for is the absence of detail on the photographs.

Notwithstanding, when you choose to snap a picture in a low light condition, the pictures’ quality is very surprising. 

You can notice some noise in the image, but they are very acceptable. Well, we can say they are alright. However, the sound is incredible in the LG G6.

But in case you are shooting something that is moving rapidly, you will not get a perfect 4K video. Still, you can do a versatile job with it, so this can be your best choice.

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OnePlus 5 4K Phone

The OnePlus 5 comes with two back cameras – one with 16MP and the other one with 20MP, and a front camera with 16MP. When you are taking photographs in low light, these will be sharp. 

However, the OnePlus 5 does not have any stabilization system; when you take a picture of a moving object- you can see the difference. Photography will not be perfect at all.

Keep your object and hand steady to get the best outcome. This is, without a doubt, one of the main drawbacks of the OnePlus 5 4K recording.

The front camera of OnePlus 5 features probably the most valuable objectives we have seen so far available.

Along these lines, in case you intend to take out many selfies, without a doubt, this OnePlus 5 is ideal for you. 

Something we generally like about the OnePlus 5 camera is their application interface. It is basic, natural, and simple to use. You can play with all the settings you need effortlessly.

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Final Verdict

We are creating this list of the best 4K smartphones based on the camera quality, features, and low lights performance.

Well, this is not a camera; these are smartphones, so you cannot expect the quality of a DSLR camera. But still, for a smartphone, these are excellent alternatives, you can’t be without.