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What are the Top Features of Mobile Phones for 2021

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What are the Top Features of Mobile Phones for 2021. We can say that every year that technology industries are capable of surprising us with many new advances such as newer operating systems, bigger screens, more memory and internal storage and big improvements in battery life as well as facial recognition, to name a few.

Some of them are even providing these additional features for some low prices like to enter to a competitive market. Let’s see what is new about the 2020’s smartphones.

The new operative systems: Android 10 and iOS 13

Most people usually know what operating system they are looking for, because they are usually clear about the brand they want to buy.

Android 10

This operating system itself has more customization options available than the last version and it will let us do freely whatever we want with our mobile. This allows us to change some things so that its use is much easier for us at all times and something that for some users is essential.

Android comes with the Play Store as the place to download games and applications. The selection available is very wide. You can find anything here and with this OS and the hardware of the new phones of 2020’s you will enjoy a lot.

iOS 13

Offer us a novel experience, one of the better extra features is the dark mode which will make us take care of our eyes, and it also looks cool. They have enhanced the privacy and security as it counts with the AirDrop.

It comes with a new GPS and maps system to help you with your driving. Its keyboard has also improved, and they added the emojis as they have improved the battery charging system. This OS has definitely got better than its predecessor has, and we are here to love it.

The new design on the smartphones of 2020’s

The design of a smartphone includes many aspects, there are for everyone in this 2020 we have seen an increased amount of using glass and metal even in not high-end smartphones.

There is another trend of using pop-up system for the selfie camera, so that allows the front part of the smartphone to be a full screen to enjoy every detail of our content.

Bigger Screen and Better Resolution

The screen is another aspect of great importance, both the quality of it, which can vary between models, and the size it will have. Again, the use that we are going to give to the device has a significant influence.

The recent trend are smartphones with a screen bigger than 6 inches, we can define it as the average size today. In addition, thanks to the 18: 9 screens, you get much more out of it, making them appear larger.

About the resolution of the screen, all the best devices are coming with at least Full HD (1920 x 1080) it is an option that has been gaining a lot of presence and many consider it as the minimum that we must accept when we are looking for a new smartphone.

However, this 2020 has brought to us the best resolution technology with it the Quad HD and 4K; these resolutions are the highest quality we can find today, although the selection of phones that use them is not wide.

Mobile hardware in 2020

Most devices in the current midrange typically have 6 or 8 GB RAM. Thanks to it, we will be able to carry out several tasks at the same time with no problem. We have recently seen an increased amount of high-end smartphones with even 12 GB RAM.

As for internal storage, we find many options today but in 2020; the average is at least 128 GB to save all your files, but we can find even 256 GB and 512 GB smartphones.

In the processor’s case, a device with a Snapdragon processor will give us the best performance. The Snapdragon 800 family is the high-end, 845 being the most recent and powerful in this regard is certainly the best processor this year to run all your applications.


With the passage of time, it has become one of the most important aspects in smartphones. Besides having noticeably improved.

The trend today with cameras is a combination of lenses, with a wide angle and another sensor, or RGB sensor and another monochrome sensor, it depends on each model, but they are usually the most common options. Thanks to this, we have a higher quality and we can get more out of the camera.

As for the front camera, we have seen a great evolution too. There are models that also use a double camera, although it is not as common is really great for better selfies, they are also adding the pop-up selfie camera system that we mention above.

Huge Battery Life for Every Day.

If the smartphone in question has a larger battery, we can enjoy greater autonomy in the daily use of the phone. There are models in this 2020 from some very specific brands such as Blackview or OUKITEL that give us large batteries of up to 11,000 mAh. They are exceptional models, and they undoubtedly give a lot of autonomy.

We also have wireless charging, for which we need a base that allows us to make use of it. It is a wonderful option to charge the phone throughout the day, for example, while we are at work. Although it is limited to high-end models.

Facial recognition

Another system that we are seeing more and more is facial recognition, which is getting better over time, and it is the perfect way to save our files.

Endurance and Certifications

The resistance is closely related to the design, of which we have previously spoken. Although it is convenient to check if the smartphone has Gorilla Glass, in the screen’s case. This is an excellent protection against bumps and scratches. Many phones are also coming with waterproof and dustproof certifications.

These are the main smartphone features and benefits for 2020 that we must take into account when looking for a new smartphone.