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Why Do Phones Not Have A Headphone Jack? (Solved)

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The most prominent arguments for dropping the headphone jack are vague. The alternatives are also not convenient: wireless earbuds also need charging.

Further, there is no betterment in sound, and phone design will be the same without and with them, waterproof smartphones don’t need headphone hacks, So, what is the substantial reason that matters for Google and Apple are not going behind the making of headphone hacks.

And this reason is money. Yes, it is money!

The wireless technology used and developed by Google and Apple to overcome the deficiencies of the Bluetooth is just like the other technology, exclusive and proprietary. Indeed, you use Pixel-Buds on iPhone or Airpod on Pixel-2.

However, if you still need and want to enjoy all the prior features each company has put into their wireless technology – you are required to use the wireless earbuds which support these technologies.

We have been watching a 3.5mm of a stereo tip, ring, and sleeve (TRS) jack for a long time. The first version of TRP 6.35mm invented in the 1800s when used for the old fashioned telephone switchboards.

It is a very complicated thing for the clients, as these wireless earbuds need to pay more. Keep in mind that when you got the wired earbuds with your smartphone?

Now, why do you need to pay more than 150 dollars, including the original price of your phone? This is just because of the reason that you want to enjoy and experience full-featured wireless earbuds.

What’s more, besides the deals of their remote earphones, Google and Apple remain to make heaps of money authorizing their exclusive remote sound tech to outsider earphone and speaker makers. Besides, there are many other reasons why the customers, manufacturers, and engineers want to get rid of the jack.

In 1950, the version of 3.5mm came into the market and can be seen today as well. This means that this technology is about three and a half scores older, and we are using this older technology with the latest smartphones!

This is the main reason why the headphone jack is an older technology, and people think about it as it does not suit their shiny mobiles. Moreover, the situation is completely changed, as more than 95% of old audio devices are no more compatible with the growing mobile technology.

Another big reason for the disappearing of the headphone jack is that they contain quite a lot of space when every millimeter matters. As the headphone jacks only perform a single job, so it is an unbearable sacrifice from the designing point of view.

Further, it also limits the thinness of mobile phones. Headphone jacks also limit the smart mobile phone to become waterproof, and we can achieve the feature of waterproof by dumbing the headphone jack.

Another reason for removing the headphone jack can be elaborate as to when the USB-C (lighting port) can manage this feature along with its characteristics, then why we use extra headphone jacks for just a single function while that could be performed in alternative ways.

This means that the engineers and manufacturers are removing the resources which are leading towards the redundancy. We have a long list of reasons why the headphone jacks are becoming rare and should be removed; but, let us see what other options to replace to this technology.

One of the most widely recognized patterns encompassing the headphone jack evacuation is that it usually goes with the dispatch of wireless earbuds.

As a rule, the expulsion of the headphone jack is viewed as motivation to attempt to push deals of those wireless earbuds. Subsequently, dropping the jack is seemingly motivated to promote the offer of adornments or to sell the suggestion of wireless headphones.

Other than this, it gets a good deal on creation. It’s a distinction of a couple of pennies, yet when you have a creation run of a few million telephones, two pennies are a ton of cash to be spared.

Fundamentally, it makes the smartphone less expensive and supports the offer of adornments, the two of which are useful for benefits. What’s more, that is the principle driving explanation since there is practically no usefulness related thinking to drop it.

Use of Dongle:

The expulsion of the headphone jack in smartphones is proposed to make remote headphones more helpful and engaging the majority than wired ones. Dongles are irritating and bulky, particularly on smartphones. Some of the time, you need to charge your telephone and use earbuds simultaneously.

Eventually, the Dongle is more limited to the Apple user. A person having smartphones like Samsung Note 10 is also discarding the headphone jack. An alternative or best solution is to buy a Lightning connector or USB-C to a 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you intend to buy an adapter that only provides jack, then why don’t you go for a slight bit expensive dongles which facilitates you with dual functionalities, i.e., legacy audio support and charge your smartphone.

Use of Bluetooth Adapter:

You have another alternative for headphone jacks, just buy a Bluetooth adapter. If you still want to keep using your previous headphone jack and at the same time you want to take advantage of modern wireless audio equipment, you can! Buy a Bluetooth adapter for sound, and that’s all you need to get rid of from old technology.

Use of Wireless Headphone Plunge:

Let us suppose you aren’t still attached to the current headphone set, and then it will be useful for you to move on and buy a set of wireless Bluetooth headphones. You might be thinking about the price, but with the speed of technology, these (wireless headphones) are now available at every price point.

You will pay for the quality (in terms of audio); however, the Bluetooth technology is mature enough, and the price is comparable with wired peers. Nevertheless, you can buy a cheap wireless headphone set with compromising on the quality of audio.

The excellent choice is to put resources into some autonomous, genuine remote buds, yet pretty much every type of headphones is designed in for wireless.

Far better, the battery life on most present-day remote headphones can be estimated in days. Because of the most recent low-vitality modification of Bluetooth innovation

Stage of Grief:

It’s justifiable to feel a feeling of misfortune when such a sturdy companion as the unassuming earphone jack rearranges off this human loop. It’s OK to feel a little freeloaded, yet the jack would need all of us to proceed onward with our lives and grasp change.

On the other hand, you could clutch your old cell phone everlastingly. However, we honestly would not suggest it!