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Why Does My Phone Keep Saying Emergency Calls Only

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What if you wake up one morning and discover a mobile notification that says, “No SIM card inserted” and “emergency calls only,” what are you supposed to do?

The most common glitches that Android customers face are “Emergency calls only”, which does not permit you to make any calls or use any other network-based functionalities of the handset.

Technically talking, you are not able to use some basic features and this can be very annoying. What is more frustrating and annoying is that the phone is jammed on emergency calls only even after the sim card is replaced.

Problems like these may initiate from the hardware, software, or network—which doesn’t narrow things down too much. The good news is, there are resolutions for all, although the level of struggle and expense can vary. EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY can happen for several factors.

There are so many reasons that can cause a Cell phone to show emergency calls only and to resolve this matter may be a real challenge. Luckily, like any other common issue of an Android device, there are a couple of simple solutions that you can apply no matter what mobile device you have.

Below we have put together a comprehensive guide on why does your phone says emergency call only and how to apply our given solutions to fix it this issue so your phone will not show you any popup of “Emergency Calls only”

Let us get started, stick to the article this is going to be very informative for you.

Most Common Problem-The Network Tower

Let’s start with fundamentals. To make a phone call from any smartphone, the important component required is a Network tower. The network towers that spot the landscape are essential components of a mobile call.

Once you press the ‘call’ button, your phone discharges a signal and the nearest network tower will catch it. In the next phase, these signals are transmitted to the endpoint tower and finally to the person to whom you are making a calling. In this way, we are capable of talking with another person through our mobile phone.
But this is probably only when phone signal strength is good. In case your smartphone can’t accept a good signal, it shows up the emergency calls the only message. Though you may have seen this message, you may have been under the guess that an emergency call doesn’t need any phone signal. Well, this is not relatively true.
The technology used by most smartphones is reliant on SIM cards which work on the Global System for Mobile (GSM) feature. GSM can utilize the network coverage of another service provider i.e. signals from the adjacent tower of another network service provider) in the case of a poor network.

So when your network gets out, your phone can still make ‘Emergency calls” by using the network of another service supplier. In many countries like the United States, it is thinkable to make an emergency call even during the improper function of the SIM card.

Android Showing Emergency Calls Only

If the phone is displaying emergency calls only. Turn off the phone and restart it after a few seconds. It can be the case that if the mobile has not to be shut down and restarted, it can also cause emergency calls.

 Check If You Have Paid Your Subscription

Some customers completely overlook paying their bills sometimes and the carrier disconnects them from the network. Mostly, in this case, it’s not a technical issue, as the phone is running well.

Before looking at a potential fix, make sure that you’ve paid your subscription. If you haven’t, do it immediately, then send your carrier the confirmation, to be rapidly reconnected, and use the phone at its full capacity instantly.

 Android Phone Lost or Stolen

If your phone was informed lost or stolen then your service provider is probable to block that phone’s IP address and stop it from having service much less allow it to make and receive calls.

Wireless service providers do not want stolen phones to operate accurately as it encourages fraud and theft, so if a phone is marked missing or stolen it’s likely to permit one type of call from that point onward and that is emergency calls only. Unless you or someone that has access to your account described the phone as lost or stolen then chances are that it wasn’t registered as such.

If you find that this might be the case then you can find out if your phone was reported stolen by communicating with your wireless provider and asking them about the status of your device.

Did You Place The Sim Card Properly? 

If your SIM Card is not implanted or is not inserted properly, it may cause your phone to only allow calls to 911. Ensure your SIM Card is securely implanted into the slot.

It may not upset to remove it and re-seat it. The SIM card is very small in size. It is generally about the size of a fingernail and situated somewhere near the battery or in an eject-able slot on the side. If you don’t know where the SIM card is placed on your device, look for documentation for your device.

You may also want to test a different SIM card in the case that it is faulty. You should be able to get a substitute SIM card from your wireless carrier free of cost.

Using The Option Of Resetting The Phone

To get rid of the emergency call the only problem, customers can restart the phone but if it does not work, they can resolve the issue by removing the battery while the phone is on. This will also help in resolving trivial software problems.

Users should make sure of the thing that the phone should not be connected to the power while the battery is being detached. This sort of reset cannot be performed in those phones in which the battery is not detachable.

Toggling The Airplane Mode

Allowing this mode disables all broadcasts and cell reception of the phone. Just go down the notification bar, enable the mode, and then disable it after a few seconds. Wait to realize if the phone connects to the network now.

Physical Damage To Android Phone

If your phone fell in recent times or was exposed to liquid around the time that this problem started then the phone might be smashed and if this is the case replacement might be required.

Most phones have an LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) that changes colors if the phone is ever visible to enough moisture to cause damage. If you are unsure or if your phone was visible to humidity you can locate your cell phone’s LDI and if it’s any color other than white or white with Xs on it then it specifies moisture and has a high chance of liquid loss.

Usually, if an LDI is exposed to humidity or gets wet it will change from a white to a red or pink color, so if you’re LDI is red or pink then your LDI has been started, your phone’s warranty is finished, and you might have located the reason for the problem.

Enabling/Disabling The Feature Of Fixed Dialing

There is a distinct feature Android has, letting you dial just numbers that are on a specific list. It’s suggested to see if it’s enabled or not, as this could be the thing affecting your problem.

Go to Settings > Call > Additional Settings > Fixed Dialing Numbers. Here you can see if it’s activated or not. If it is, deactivate it by entering your PIN2 code, and then press OK. The phone might require a restart for the change to be functional.

Malfunctioning Of Software

Software issues on Android phones are frequently linked to a bad third party application that was downloaded and installed on the phone by the phone’s owner/user.

If you newly downloaded an application around the time that this started happening on your cell phone then we highly suggest you uninstall the app from your phone, as that is most probably the cause of the problem. The same goes for an application that might have recently updated too.

Removing The SD/External Card

Memory cards may not be the reason for any issue but if it continues, users can take out the card to check whether the problem is fixed or not. The mobile should be turned off before removing the card. After removing the card, turn on the mobile to see if the problem is resolved.

Consulting To Service Center

If you are sure that this issue is happening due to any hardware problem on your phone then you can carry it to a service center and see if it can be resolved. Sometimes a broken antenna can be the reason behind the network problem, so you can get that part changed.


Emergency calls only and no service can be one of the most annoying problems to have on a cell phone but if you follow these guidelines then you will be one step ahead when trying to locate the actual cause and of course get your phone working accurately again.

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